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well as over the judge as he was being sentenced to 71 years in prison. morgan was convicted of starting a fire at his estranged wife's home at 36th and silver spring last october. two year old taenajah morgan died in the fire. 10-year old kevin little passed away in hospice care almost a month later. relatives today say they're relieved at the lengthy sentence. he deserved no it will not change the ct and nephew will not come back. but i'm truly thankful he will not see the light of day anymore he got exactly what he deserved morgan maintained his innocence during today's sentencing... saying the judge ... and jury that convicted him ... were biased against
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milwaukee police officer dominique heaggan brown waived his preliminary hearing today in court. he's charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of soliciting a prostitute. he's also the same officer who shot and killed sylville smith in the sherman park neighborhood in august. heaggan brown will be in court next month. a burlington man is dead after being hit by a vehicle on i-94 in kenosha county. the 30-year-old man was hit by a s-u-v around three this morning. the kenosha county the victim was walking across the interstate. two people in the s-u-v were not hurt. to weather now--- drying out on this thursday afternoon but the cooler weather is sticking around.meteorologist brian gotter joins us now with the forecast. yesterday was nasty with showers and heavy rain at times, winds gusting to 40 mph, temps in the 40s and abouf rainthis vqmostlyloudy with
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the tomah v-a medical center is ending it's lease for a shelter for homeless veterans, citing numerous problems. the veterans assistance foundation has operated the shelter r nearly 20 years. a tomah v-a spokesman says authorities recently responded to r
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dr overdose and criminal liat the shelter. verans scmoats ,want the they're ncerned with the new thpresidential election in wisconsin whervors will be requ athe polls. the lawmakers say they believe the law is flawed and puts in jeopardy the abily of so people vote. th2 ys left until the election.. wisconsin has seen an nearly 328-thousand wisconsinites have cast absentee ballotdane and milwaukee counties have had the most. of course... they're home to the state's two laest es. and both madison and milwaukee have lowed early voting for weeks now. 51-thousand ?ballots re?tued in milwaukee... and 44-thousand in dane county. waukesha county is catching up quickly. they've seen 29-thousand voters... even though the city of ukesha first allowed early voting this past monday.
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enough people vote early election day is just like any other slow election because half the op haot already nrsdo he gone the linek if you are planning to vote eay and in person..most municipalities end that a week fromfriday. milwaukee has hour saturday november 5th. yg in ur ballot... the clerk's ask you do that no later thae monday before election day.. goods unemployment rates are dropping across all wisconsin counties and major cities. numbers released by the state department of workforce development show the state's unemployment rate is at its lowest level in 15 years-- at four-point-one percent. dane, lafayette, iowa agreen counes had e lo emnt me there are several job opportunities happening today. a big job fair underway in downtown milwaukee. head out to "manpower" headquarters off of water street near schlitz
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employers will be looking to the job fair goes until fo this afternoo park veterans in - miller rk. f wofrom now ti threo'clock-spous, guardsmen and mendts are welcome to participatin a?! free job fair. there will be 50 employers at miller park ing to re. d in gen y-- e packers foodservice provider is hosting its final job fair of the season today. they're hiring cooks, bartenders fair runs from from four to six at lambeau field. several homeowners in green bay will soon learn... they may have lead pipes coinating eir ivate water serve line. e green bay water utility says more sent tall impaed omes could be tell owhow to pocard identify which pipes tes. onater utility"
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pocardnd weile r a service, ando lp them en it." city leaders have set aside 300- thousand dollars of excess stadium sales tax to cover the they're also tapping in to s. federal funds. but funding... is limited. the public can weigh in on a possible expansion of e amtrak milwauke makeseround ipweday n fr atthe washington hat er th e place children and ens are most at risk for being hit by a car. then... frantic escape. a commuter train on the fi. extreme measures some passengers took to get to safety. live at noon coinues... xt
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action" volunteers are ready! call 414-967-or request help online. just click on the icon... on the
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doors. the cause of the blaze is under investigation. frantic moments wednesday when fire breaks out on a boston commuter train.the orange line train overheated sending thick smoke into ththe commuter station. the overhe engine sttea othe train and on the track. passengers kicked out wiows to escape. one passenger says she used a exce to get out.rtial arts were absolutely wonderful.""i took my scarf. this is my 8 inch chef knife i did this, im also a certified black belt and i attached it to my elbow like so and uhhh. into the window.""the firefighters and emt's and everyone responded were absolutely woerful."the fire was quickly extinguished and no one was seriously hurt.
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dealing with cooler weather. tang livok outside right now. meteorologist brian gotter joins us now with a look at your forecast... yesterday was nasty with showers and heavy rain at times, winds gusting to 40 mph, temps in the 40s and about 2" of rain. this morning was mostly cloudy with temperatures near 40 and a nw wind at 5-15 mphday remainmostly cloudy with hi north wind. tonight is mostly cloudy wh lows near 40. friday is partly cloudy and warmer with highs in the low to mid 60s thanks to a strong sw wind to 30 mph. saturday is mostly cloudy, ee and warm with highs in the lower to mid 60s, with isolated afternoon and evening showers for trick or treating in some
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front, sunday is partly cloudy in themid 50s, but monday is windy and warmer once again
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foyour healpedestrian aths a on the rise-- especially among kids enand aney may be most at risk while walking in school zonereses archerwithe kids worldwide watcd thousas of middlend crossed the street in a school zone. about 80-pcent were distracted -- mostly by wearing headphones or texting. and nearly one-third of drivers we ening crosswks, do paing or textg. football. there are increasing ns out abe lasting impact of head injuries. nicole sommavilla reports-- a new study shows ncussions aren't the only thing to worry about. a new study shows you might not need a concussion to have
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the brain.t'definitely possible; it could lead to dementia parkinson's, those types of neurological disorders."wake forest university followed 25 football players ages eight to 13... finding multiple head hits causes changes in brain white matter... which helps connect different areas of the brain.physical therapist don teahan treats head injuries daily."it could take multiple one time."it's called cumulative trauma in sepalathopy."of course in the nfl you'll hear about that a lot, with the cumulative trauma to the head."teahan says some concussions can be fatal."the helmets too have gotten so advanced they do help, but at the same time..." they're not 100% effective. which is why the fhsaa has new safety protocols."they've
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day eight of practice." athletic director bethany king says the changes lowered this year's concussion numbers by improved impact safety."thethey have specific stipulations that it can't exceed 30 minutes and it can't be more than three times a week."teahan says sometimes brain injuries can ha minimal symptoms... so it's always better to be safe than sorry."if the kid comes home and says i have a headache and i've had a headache ever since football to follow up with an athletic trainer at school." many-f-l players are organ donors... planning to donate their brains to science to aid further research. a potential game-changer for hospitals across the country. a new study from sentara healthcare shows copper infused bedding, towels, tray tables, gowns even sinks can reduce hospital acquired infections by as much as 83- percent. "we're essentially wrapping
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infused product to decrease the infection tes."the study took one year to complete. there is a second study in the works. researchers are expecting thsame resus fr the study to furthe solidify their figs and change the future of health-care. coming up... on hold. the apple accessory that's not going to be released as soon as predicted... and when it might hit stores. and -- holiday helpers. walmart is hiring employees for this new role. how these workers plan
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v.o.: attacking social security. raising the cost of college. jobs lost overseas. senator ron johnson - he's hurting wisconsin families.
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apple is delaying shipments of its new wireless airpod headphones, which were supposed to be available this month.the company will only say it needs more time to make sure the product is "ready" for customers. the airpods have received high marks in review for their simplicity and ease of use, but they are technically complex, with sensors that can detect when you put them in your ears. twitter is cutting about 9 percent of its employees worldwide. the company says 350-employees across sales, partnerships and marketing
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social media site has failed to keep pace with rivals facebook, snapchat and instagam. shares of twitter have tumbled 27-percent in the past month. twitter is making a push for a turnaround as an independent company. wal-mart wants to be known for customer service this holiday season. so the retail giant will have "holiday helpers" at checkouts. they'll direct customers to registers with shorter lines, and run back to aisles to pick up items customers forgot. walmart will also have extra staff to handle pickup of online orders in stores. a tennessee family is suing amazon for 30 million dollars. they blame the online retailer for selling them the exploding hoverboard that was found to be the casue of a fire that destroyed their home back in january. the family's lawsuit claims amazon was negligent and failed to warn customers of the nine fires caused by that particular board. two children were trapped inside during the fire and had to
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"he literally dove out of the window as soon as there was a hole he could get through. dove at me, grabbed me in a bear hug. i grabbed him in a bear hug and we went flying off the ladder from the second floor."the family is suing amazon and not the manufacturer of the hoverboard because they say after several attempts... amazon failed to provide the correct information on where the board came from. coming up... out of this world. the famous name uw-madison tapped for its december commencement spea and -- wanna be a wiener? it's a real job. how you can become one of the klement's famous racing sausages at miller park... ...and the other duties that go along with the job.
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u-w madison has announced the december commencement speaker. it will be astronaut... captain james graduated from juneau high school in milwaukee and attended u-w madison for two years before being accepted to the u-s naval academy. the commencement ceremony is december 18th at the kohl center. lovell will also receive an honorary degree from uw-madison. the brewers are hiring racing sausages. the team is accepting applications for next season's "brew crew" staff. crellparkuring games and make appearances as the famous rang sausages on e to
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joing us this i'm vince vitrano. if you're ju inin hs ok a your top stories today. man convd ofarson that killed two kids has been more t years behind bars. the judge handed down that sentence to morgan was convicted of starting a fire at his estranged wife's home at 36th and silver spring la october. that fired killed two-year-old girl year- old bo morgan maintained his nocee during today's


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